Christian Carvis


Pd 3

Ko and Koly CC

Koly from the book homeless bird by Gloria whelm have some similarities but the also have a lot of differences like ko is selfless and Koly and ko are both helpful and they are also both very scared
Ko is very selfless because in the story when someone was hungry she would give them her food so they wouldn’t be hungry. Another example is when yoko couldn’t make it across the bridge even though she could have died she went back and put yoko on her shoulders and carried her all the way across the bridge to the other side.
Ko and koly are both helpful because ko always helped out and basically became the mother when there mother wasn’t around and koly was helpful when her husband was sick she made him honey and that stopped his cough for the night to me that is helpful because with out that he would have had a horrible night. And Ko becoming the mother is very important and helpful because Yoko being the age she is she needs a mother grow up and become respective
Another similarity is Ko and koly are both very scared. Koly is very scared because she doesn’t know who her husband is going to be and he will be nice or mean thought full or crude she must be very scared. Ko must be very scared because she doesn’t know were she is going to be sleeping for the night or if the Korean communist army soldiers will find them and kill them.
In conclusion Ko and koly have lots of similarities and some differences
By: Christian Carvis