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Ashley hill

Esperanza and Ko

Two girls, two adventures, two lives and two different personalities. Esperanza is a 13 year old teenager in the book Esperanza rising by: Pam Munoz Ryan. Ko is a 16 year old teenager and is from the book, So Far From the Bamboo Grove and the book My Brother, My Sister and I.
First Ko is a determined 16-year-old teenager who went through a dangerous journey. It took her a while traveling from Korea to Japan. It was hard for her because she had to leave her brother behind and a year later her mother passed away. Next she is extremely brave for going into a burning building for her mother’s ashes and a few other important supplies she needed. She is also sassy because she tells her little sister Yoko to do things she doesn’t want to do. For example Ko tells Yoko, her sister, to dig out of the garbage so they have food to eat and Yoko tells her no that’s disgusting I’m not going to do that.

Esperanza is a 13-year-old teenager also, she went through a crazy and daring life. She’s a loving girl who will help anyone do something if they need help. She goes to California to visit her housekeeper’s relatives and realized that they are going through a hard time just like her. Esperanza’s father died along with her rough life. Esperanza is poor and if she doesn’t get something right she gives up. Example when she sweeps with a broom. She has no perseverance. Ko has much perseverance. Esperanza gives up easily.

Ko can be really mean at times and bossy to her little sister but, Esperanza can be friendly by helping other people with their work and they are thankful that she does that.

Esperanza and Ko act the same ways they’re strong when a family member dies. They are both kind to everyone in many different ways and show respect. Ko is an odd girl and Esperanza is too. She loves working on her family’s ranch and Ko is rude and doesn’t care what people think of her.

Esperanza and Ko are alike. They are both strong, brave, and kind teenagers you just need to look deeper into them and figure out who they really are.