Virginia and Ko are two very different characters from two different periods of time. Virginia was an English six-year-old girl on the Titanic when it sunk. She is from the book Titanic Crossing. Ko was a fifteen and a-half year old Japanese girl running away from Koreans during World War II in the book So Far from the Bamboo Grove. As you can see, they are very different girls on the surface, but on the inside they have similar character traits.
Ko and Virginia are they same in they way that they are both crafty and they get what they want.
Ko once accidently ran into a Korean farmer who despised refugees. Ko used her craftiness to speak in perfect Korean and persuade the man she wasn’t a Japanese refugee. She even got corn from the man to give to her hungry sister and mother. Virginia is crafty when she does not get what she wants because she says that she has appendicitis. This is crafty because her father died of appendicitis (the year was 1912. They didn’t have the knowledge back then to remove the appendix.) Her mother was extremely upset about his death and now Virginia gets what ever she wants when she says she has appendicitis. Ko and Virginia are both crafty, but for opposite goals.
Ko is caring unlike Virginia who is a self-oriented character.
Ko shows caring because she jumped on her barfing sister in the middle of a war zone. She did this so the Koreans didn’t see or hear her and kill their refugee family. Virginia though is self- oriented in the way that she begged her mother for scones and tea while Albert (Virginia’s brother) wanted haddock almondine. She kept begging until she got it. This forced Albert to have scones also even though he didn’t want any.
Ko is a leader, but on the contrary Virginia follows suit of her older brother. Ko lead her sister Yoko for two years after their mother died. She told her to do chores like clean their warehouse, wash the dishes, and go to school. This kept them alive long enough to find their long-lost brother Hideyo. Virginia though is dependent. When her grandmother threatened to take her doll away, Virginia wouldn’t let her. Then, Albert came in and discussed it with his grandmother. He saved her doll! Virginia relied on Albert to save her doll.
Ko and Virginia are in different time periods facing different situations, but they have the same character traits. The authors made the fictious characters (from Titanic Crossing) seem real like the characters from So Far from the Bamboo Grove. This makes all the characters believable. Ko and Virginia are different characters from unlike situations, but some of their character traits are the same.

Purple= Ko
Orange= Virginia
Green= Other