Devan VanVliet
Period .1

Ko to Dan

So far from the Bamboo Grove by Yoko Kawashima Watkins and Night of the Twisters by Ivy Ruckman, are to completely different novels. They have two different main characters that are Ko and Dan, whose situations are also different. So far from the Bamboo Grove takes place at WW II. Night of the Twisters takes place in Nebraska when a tornado is hits Dan’s neighbor hood. Ko is a refuge from Korea that takes care of her of her little sister, because their mother died. Dan is an ordinary kid that tries desperately tries to find his mom and dad in a twister.

Ko is brave in the sequel to the So far from the Bamboo Grove called My Brother, Sister, and I. In the sequel she went into the warehouse when it was on fire to get mother’s ashes and the family’s sword. She is also determined to Yoko and herself alive. Ko is also positive when she was telling Yoko that Hideyo was coming back and that father was alive.

Dan is brave in Night of the Twisters. When he drives a cop car when he is only twelve. Also he runs to Kmart to find his mom when a tornado could possibly come. Also Dan is determined to find his mom and dad. Dan is sometimes negative because when they were in the bathroom he was thinking that they were going to die in the tornado.

Those are some of the similarities and difference between Ko and Dan. Like Ko is usually positive. On the other hand Dan is sometimes negative in the story.