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Danielle Perdock
Period 1

Ko and Karana
There are two girls, different lives, but still the same in some ways. Ko is a girl that is sixteen years old from the books So Far From the Bamboo Grove and My Brother My Sister and I, both, by Yoko Kawashima Watkins. She lives in a warehouse with her brother and sister. Karana is a girl from The Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O’Dell. Karana, a twelve year old that lives on an island that has blues dolphins in its blue waters. She has her tribe and family with her. There are many ways that Karana and Ko are similar and different.
Ko and Karana are the same in most ways. For instance, Karana is brave like Ko. The wild dogs that live on the island killed Karana’s brother and she is brave because she fought them to have revenge. Similarly Ko is brave because she ran into a burning the warehouse to get their families possessions. Both of them are also courageous. Ko is courageous because she had to leave her home without her father or brother. Karana is also courageous, because she made her own shelter and weapons to fight her enemies, all by herself! Once more they are similar because they are emotionally strong. Both of them had someone die in their family. Ko had her mother die and since then she has been more responsible and cared more for her brother and sister. Karana’s her brother died, and ever since that happened she does everything on her own and has grown up since then.
Although they are the same they are also different. Karana is violent and Ko isn’t. Karana is violent because she killed dogs for her own brother. Ko is bossy while Karana is nice. Caring for animals is why Karana is nice. Ko is bossy because she yells at her sister a lot and sometimes she yells for no reason or just because she is mad. Ko is determined to get out of a burning house in contrast to Karana who is wise because she knows how to set traps and fight. One more thing about Ko is that she is responsible. Ko has a lot to care for in her life ever since her mother died. She is like the mother of the house now. Now that I’ve told you this it seems like they are different people, and they are but they do have o lot things in common with each other.

Even though they are different they have many similarities. Karana got these character traits for a reason and so has Ko. Karana has brave, courageous, and emotionally strong just like Ko. She also has violent, nice, wise, and caring. Ko is bossy, and determined. They’ve been through a lot and they still are the same. Even though they are the same they are still different.

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