McCormick 5/21/10
Period 2
Ko and Phillip

Who would have thought that two people like Ko from the book So Far From the Bamboo Grove by Yoko Kawashima Watkins, and in the book The Cay by Theodore Taylor could be so alike but yet so different? Ko is a 17 year old Japanese girl tiring to leave Korea in WWII with her family and Phillip a 12 year old boy tiring to leave a island in WWII with a stranger named Timothy.

Ko is a very colorful person with many unique traits. Ko is very independent because after Mother died she led Yoko by finding a home for them. Ko is also courageous because she went into a farmer’s field at risk of being caught just to get corn, which was very important for survival. Ko is very committed because she didn’t leave her family even when it would have made the journey to Japan easier since she would not have to look out for them.

Phillip is a lot like Ko, but at the same time very different. Phillip unlike Ko is not independent because he relies on Timothy to get food, build a home and almost everything else that is done on the island. Phillip, similar to Ko is courageous because he didn’t panic when he got stuck on the island. Phillip like Ko is committed because when Timothy died Phillip didn’t stop trying to be saved.

As you can see Phillip and Ko are alike and different because of their similar struggles and how they over came them. These traits helped them get out of their struggles