Christian Santiago

external image 9780064408196.jpg ko and koly

Ko from the book so far from the bamboo grove by Yoko kawashima Watkins. Is determined to get out of her country after the Korean communist army is hunting down her family. Koly from the book homeless bird by Gloria Whelem is also determined to get away from that mean stepmother of hers. There are similarities and differences between these two brave characters.

Ko is a very brave character and very wise to. As a person who takes after her mother she is very smart as well. You see this if you are reading the book. You will experience all her sadness and triumph as she go on her perilous journey. Just like the time when the Korean communist army boarded the train to Seoul. The very same army that was trying to kill her and her whole family. She did not get scared she pretended to be pregnant to fool them. That is why she is brave.

koly is very helpful even though her step mother doesn’t think so when she is doing chores in a house that is not even hers she is saddened by her husband that she barely even new that had died a slow but painful death all she wants is to go back to her home town and real family. But you she has no choice but to live on her own because I she where to go back to here hometown her parents will be ashamed of her.

Koly and Ko are scared both of them living on the street. Koly living on her own knowing that someone can just walk up and steal the rest of her stuff she own ko living in a worn down factory knowing the risk of someone coming in there killing all three of them.
So you see people from two different countries can be a like of be different. Even if they had two different lifestyles they might have thesame problems.