Chase DeBard
Period 1
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Esperenza and Ko

Two girls with two different lives and similar personalities. Esperenza from the book Esperenza Rising, is very brave because she started out really rich with almost anything she wanted, but then a tragedy happened and her mom was forced to marry but they ran away to America. Esperenza became a peasant to her uncle but was treated nicely, the only way she could save her mom. Ko from the book So Far from the Bamboo Grove, also Ko is very brave because she lead her family though bomb and army soldiers.

Esperenza is scared because she has to leave her life in Mexico and go to America and become a peasant to save her family from her mean
uncle in Mexico. She doesn’t no what’s going to happen to her when she goes there. Ko is also scared because a bomb dropped almost right on her head and blood splatter all over because two army soldiers pointing guns at there heads.

Esperenza is very nice she is doing so much for her mother and not asking for anything in return. She became a peasant so her family could
stay together and her grandma got sick and was not able to send a how are you feeling card. Ko is stern because if Yoko didn’t do something Ko asked she would scream at Yoko. Yoko would feel really sad and Ko would say suck it up and keep walking.

Esperenza is similar to Ko but at the same time are different is various ways. So you see that those two people are very different and the