Ko vs. Harley
Bryan Galdo
Period 2

Ko from the book So Far from the Bamboo Grove by Yoko Kowashima Watkins who is a 16-year-old Japanese girl fleeing from World War II. She is a very brave, mean, and determined Japanese girl. Harley from he book Out of Nowhere by Ouida Sebestyen who is brave, nice, and determined boy in the present. They are both similar and different in many ways.

First off Ko from the book So Far from the Bamboo Grove is very mean. In the story Ko and Yoko got in a fight and she wished Yoko was already dead by then and ran farther up leaving Yoko and her mother farther back and not caring about them at the time. She is also determined because while her and her family didn’t have any food she searched through trashcan’s just to get a little food. She would search the whole thing of each one until she found something to eat even if it was discussing. Finally Ko is brave because when the warehouse was on fire and all of the family’s treasures. She ran through all of the flames and never stopped until she got the items.

Although Ko is very mean Harley from the book Out of Nowhere isn’t. He’s nice because people tell him to work and he does like how when he and May had to clean the house she told him to do specific things to clean and he would do exactly as she would say. Similar to Ko he is also very determined because he wants a better live and he lives with Vernie and her boyfriend in the desert and he hates them so he decides to leave and he finds a better one when he finds May. She allowed him to stay with her and he loved his new life with May, Bill, the dogs, and Singer because he never gave up. He is also brave like Ko because when Ish, his dog jumped out a window and broke his leg Harley knew that Ish would lose his leg. He knew that Ish would have to lose it and he knew it was the best for him so, he allowed the veterinarians to operate and take his leg off even though he was scared about it.

These two characters from a different background and time span have similar and different character traits. Ko and Harley are similar in many ways like how they’re both brave and determined. But at the same time they are also different like how Ko is mean and Harley is nice. They both have obstacles in their lives like Ko’s obstacle is the Korean Communist Army and Harleys is Vernie and her boyfriend. They both have to face these obstacles in the book many times but they never give up on their dreams.