Brian Wildrick
Period 2


In the book So Far From The Bamboo Grove written by Yoko Kawashima Watkins Ko is a 16 year old girl going through a lot of struggles just like Jordan in the book Trapped Between The Lash and The Gun written by Arvella Whitmore. But they are a bunch of differences on how they handle and struggle with there problems.
Ko is a 16 year old girl trying to escape the Korean Communist and has a lot of struggles. She is brave because she has to escape Korea and go to Japan without getting caught by the Korean communist Army and she also stole so if her and her mom and sister got caught they wouldn’t get in trouble. Ko is also is hard working. When her honorable mother did she went on the street to make money and she would by shinning peoples shoes for money and she also sold baby kimonos and bean bags. Ko is also bossy. She bosses people around and tells them what to do. The ending of the book
Yoko her sister tried to do something nice for her and Ko yelled at her little sister.
Jordan is a 14 year old boy who has a lot of struggles. Like Ko he is also brave. He is trying to escape from slavery and return to his present time. He is trying to escape but it is even harder because he is African American and so he doesn’t have a lot of rights. Jordan is also hardworking he did whatever he had to do and was striving to get back to his regular time period with his gang and friends and family. But Jordan isn’t bossy unlike Ko. He is nice because he followed Uriah instead of hurting him or trying to run away by himself
So even though one is fiction and one is non-fiction they both have the same characteristics to make the characters more believable. For example the book Trapped Between The Lash and The Gun Jordan is a fictional character but he sound just like Ko from So Far From The Bamboo Grove . so doesn’t that seem pretty cool how you can compare two story’s that are different but like each other a lot.