Brendan O’Donnell
Period 1

Dan vs. Ko

In the book So Far from the Bamboo Grove by Yoko Kawsaki Watkins there is a 16- year old girl named KO. She is living in the middle of World War 2. She is trying to get to Japan where it is safer to live. Also there is a boy named Dan from the book Night of the Twisters by Ivy Rugman. Dan is a 12- year old boy who lives in the 1980’s. He is trying to survive 7 tornadoes in 3 hours. They are two very different people that have a lot of things in common and they also they have a lot of differences.

Did you know that Dan and KO are alike and different in many ways? Dan is caring and courageous like KO. When the tornadoes hit Dan when he was in their house he was showing that he was caring and courageous by staying by his two little brothers. Also, KO is caring and courageous because when she got bombed by the Korean bombing planes she got right back up and she also helped her little sister Yoko get back up and keep on going. And KO and Dan are very protective too. When KO’s mother died she would carry mothers peeling knife just incase somebody tried to steel something from them or attack. Also, Dan is very protective when he stayed with his little brothers when the tornadoes hit he blocked and covered them from falling Debreu.

Also, Dan and KO are different in many ways too. Dan lived in the 1980’s and KO lived in the early 1900’s. This was during World War II that probably took a lot of determination to live through that horrific event. And Dan is very heroic for staying with his two little brothers when they were trapped in the house while a natural disaster was going on right outside there house.

As you can see KO and Dan are alike and different in many ways. Like when Dan and KO showed courage by being protective by helping their siblings out when they needed it. Also they are different in many ways too. Like when KO lived during World War II it took a lot of determination. And Dan was helping there siblings so he was heroic. Those are all the ways Dan and KO are alike and different.