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external image 0clip_image002.pngexternal image 0clip_image004.pngBrandon Brogle
May 24, 2010
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Percy & Ko

In the book The last Olympian, by Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon and is trying to save Olympus from the evil titan lord Kronos. In the book So Far From the Bamboo Grove by Yoko Kawashima Watkins, Ko is escaping Korea because the Anti-Japanese Korean Communist Army is killing all of the Japanese people that live in Korea. These are two characters are from two completely different books but have similarities and differences.

Unlike Ko, Percy was impulsive and goes with his gut for almost everything. In the book The Last Olympian, Percy thinks that he needs to bathe in the River Styx to beat Kronos in battle. After he jumped in the river of the underworld the ghost of Achilles told him that he now bears a terrible curse, the curse of Achilles. He now is totally invincible except for a small part of his body. This curse definitely helped in battle but he didn’t need it when he was battling Kronos. On the other hand Ko from So Far From the Bamboo Grove, was very calculating because she thinks everything through. When the Kawashima family met a bridge in Korea Ko knew that this was where trains cross. Ko carefully thought that if she put her head down to the tracks and listened to the vibrations. She didn’t hear anything so they crossed the bridge.

Like Ko, Percy is very brave. It took guts to fight the titan lord one on one. Olympus would have been destroyed if he hadn’t stepped up to the plate. Percy’s friend Annabeth tried to help Percy by fighting Kronos but she had no chance against the titan lord, she was thrown against the wall buy the sheer force of Kronos. To save her Percy threw himself between her and Kronos, if he hadn’t she would have gotten killed. At the same time Ko shows bravery because she must battle through every day emotionally and physically. Every day she used to dig through the trash to find their next meal. It could have been moldy bread and banana peels but she and her family ate it. After a while that can take a toll on your body in very bad way. Ko battles every day emotionally since after her mother died she has been living with her ashes for over a month and misses her every day, it takes bravery to solider on and not show any sign of weakness. Also when Ko Yoko and Mother were escaping through bushes they found a whole troop of Anti-Japanese Korean Communist Army members. They were explaining what they were going to do if they found any Japanese on their territory with extraordinary detail. Yoko stated to throw up, if the army heard her they would have surely killed them. It takes bravery to do that.

Similar to Ko, Percy shows talent. Being the son of a god you always have a special talent. Percy has the talent of bending water, by that I mean he can control the water. He can move it and since his dad made horses out of sea foam he can speak to all horses. Another one of his special talents is that he handles a sword with ease. When he battles Kronos at Olympus they fight with swords. His expertise in swordsmanship helps him when he battles Kronos. That’s a pretty cool talent. Even though Percy can do all of that Ko can make and sell wares. Every day she made hacky sacks and aprons trying to sell them from door to door from house to house.

Percy and Ko are from different books but that doesn’t mean that they can’t share similarities and differences. Percy from The Last Olympian shows that he is very impulsive but sometimes that helps him a lot. He also shows that is vey brave, if he wasn’t brave that would’ve meant the downfall of Olympus and the very end of life as he knew it. Percy also shows talent, after not many people can bend water and fight with a sword as good as him. Evidence from the book So Far From the Bamboo Grove shows that she is very calculating because no matter what she always thinks things through. She also shows bravery, she had to cover her little sisters head in the bushes when she was throwing up in front of an army that was trying to find them so they can kill them. Ko also shows, like Percy, talent. I know most people couldn’t make anything close to what she can make since she makes all kinds of different wares. Percy and Ko are from different books but they show similarities and even differences.

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