Blayne Hirschbeck
Period 2

Jordon and Ko

Jordon and Ko are two very similar people that are in two very different books. Ko in So Far From the Bamboo Grove By Yoko Kawashima Watkins. Jordon from Trapped Between the Lash and the Gun by Arvella Whitmore. Ko and Jordon are about the same age going through the same problems and all there trying to do is get their lives back to normal. Ko is running through Korea trying to get back to her home town in Japan while Jordon is trying to get back through time to live his life.

Evan though these two characters are very similar they are also very different. For example, Ko is mean and bossy as where Jordon is very patient. While Ko is yelling and telling Yoko what to do Jordon just follows his orders and
does nothing about it. In one part of the book Ko told Yoko her sister to do all the chores before she got home.

Ko and Jordon are very sneaky all day and night Ko runs through the woods trying to avoid the Korean communist army. Ko has to come over great obstacles to get to her destinations like the train in Soule. On the other hand Jordon sneaks into the masters house trying to find his watch and he has to be very sneaky so he does not got caught. Being sneaky was very important for both characters especially Ko so she did not get killed.

Both characters are very courageous to. One time Ko threw herself over her puking sister to not get caught by the army walking by them. Ko also stole food from a farm to feed her family. Jordon shows courage by sneaking into the masters house every night or so to look for his watch. Also Jordon ran away from is masters house to not get sold to a different man who would make him work in the hot sun.

Jordon and Ko maybe very similar but are not the same even though they are going through the same difficulties. But Jordon is use to living on the street with the gangs and Ko is use to living in the country of Japan wich makes them different people from different worlds.