Billy Hashagen

Ko is a 16-year-old girl from the book So Far From The Bamboo Grove by Yoko Kawashima Watkins. Kevin Midas is a 13-year-old boy that is from the book The Eye Of Kid Midas by Neil Shuterman.
Ko is a refugee that is living in a warehouse in the World War 2 and is very poor. Ko has a sister whom name in Yoko and a older brother name Hideyo. Their farther is still missing and their mother is died. Life is very hard for them. Ko is very brave and strong. Ko has a lot of courage and is responsible and may sometime want to run away. A lot of people do not like them because they are poor. But soon there farther will be home to help them out. They are trying to get to their homeland.
Kevin is similar to Ko because they both are disliked in their schools but both are strong and has a lot of courage and brave. Kevin has a younger sister and a mom and a dad. His problem is that a pare of sunglass have a power to them and the world is soon to end. But he cannot stop it from happing. The bully who bosses him around is now died because of him. But he is trying to stop it be for he gets killed.
Both Ko and Kevin have many simulates to many things like they both are strong and brave and responsible. Ko is responsible by watch out for Yoko is able to put diner on the table to eat. Kevin is irresponsible but is strong and brave. Kevin is irresponsible because he forgets things and dose not even remember what day it is some times. Both character have courage because Ko is trying her best to give Yoko food and, never give up. Kevin is trying to brake the glasses before the world ends.
Both character in the story have a lot in conman and they both are always in action.