Beck Dolphin
Period 2

Mary is a character from the “Secret Garden”. She spends a lot of time at the moor. She goes to the moor after her parents and nurse die from a disease in India. She tries to save the garden at the moor. Ko is a character from “So Far from the Bamboo Grove. She is trying to protect her family as they escape from Korea during the war. They are being hunted by the Korean soldiers. There are many similarities and differences between the characters KO and Mary.

One similarity between Ko and Mary is that they are both brave. KO from So Far from the Bamboo Grove made sure that the Koreans couldn’t hear Yoko tossing out her cookies by getting on top of her even though she could be shot. KO also stole from a farmer to get food for her and her family. Mary from the Secret Garden heard crying in one of the rooms and wanted to find out what it was even though she thought it could have been a ghost. She checked any way and it was…

In addition, KO and Mary are both determined. KO was determined to save her family and survive the harshness of North Korea’s wilderness. She stole from a farmer for food to feed her family. She crossed a river with Yoko on her back. She was determined to make Collin well. She took him out to the garden all the time. Mary was determined to bring the garden back to life. She also wanted to bring Collin back to life so he wouldn’t die.

KO was mean and bossy. KO wanted to Yoko dead because Yoko was crying and complaining. She also kept on saying to Yoko don’t talk walk. All this lead to arguing. Mary was also bossy because she argued with Martha because she thought Martha talked too much. Mary also argued with Collin because they both got frustrated easily so they argued once in a while.
Another difference is that Ko was independent. She did all most all of the hard work for mother and Yoko. Once when she was tired she needed Yoko to get food but other wise she did everything hard. As for Mary she was very dependent she had Martha change her into her clothes and she had the adults cook for her she had the adults take her to the moor. Now she didn’t have anyone search for a crying noise she heard in one of the rooms that was something she did on her own and the person who was crying was…
Ko was very poor she had to live in a factory that was broken into after their mother with Yoko and Hideyo when he arrived in Japan. Mary was rich she lived in a grand mansion in India and a grand mansion in England at the moor. There were maids and big rooms with portraits and a beautiful garden at the mansion at the Moor.
As you can see, Ko and Mary have their differences and similarities