Comparing & Contrasting Ko & Dan

Ko from So Far From The Bamboo Grove By: Yoko Kawashima Watkins is the same & different than Dan from Night Of The Twisters By: Ivy Ruckman. Ko is a Japanese world war 2 refugee heading to Japan. Dan is a kid whose town gets hit by a tornado.

Ko is very courageous when she put her hand over her sister’s mouth to prevent her from puking and solders hearing them and shooting them. Also she is determined to get to a safe place like Japan. Last but not least she cares about her little sister Yoko, like when they don’t have money Ko gives Yoko the food if there is only a little bit of food.

Dan is very courageous. Like when he goes to get his baby brother while the tornado is overhead. Also he is very determined when his baby brother gets tangled on something and Dan doesn’t stop trying to get him untangled. Last but not least Dan cared a lot about his baby brother like when the tub they were in started leaking, and Dan and his friend Arthur get soaked and Dan made sure that his baby brother stayed dry.

Ko & Dan are alike & different in their books but they’re also very different. They’re both based on true stories. Also they were horrible times.