Dan Vs. Ko
Anthony Coelho
Did you know that Ko from So Far From The Bamboo Grove by Yoko kawashima, and Dan from Night of The Twisters by Ivy Ruckman, are alike and different in many ways?

Ko is a 16-year-old girl escaping Korea to flee to Japan during WW2. Dan is an 11 year old boy in Nebraska where twisters are hitting his town.

First we are going to talk about Ko! Ko is in two books,(So Far From The Bamboo Grove, and My Brother, My Sister, and I.) in both of those books it took place during WW2 and after WW2. She was brave when she went to go steal from the farmer but she got and laid to farmer and told her she and her family are about to die of hunger. Ko is also strong when she went to go up to get mother’s ashes when the warehouse was on fire, because she caught fire while she was coming down the steps. She is also very kind when she carried Yoko over the bridge after telling her that she wished Yoko would’ve died, that showed how kind she is.

In the book Night Of The Twisters took place out in Nebraska. Dan was demanding when he demanded Arthur to go down stairs and get things ready while Dan ran to get his little brother Ryan. Dan is wise when he pulled the lady through the small window that they had gone through cause the door was barricaded. Dan was very caring when he waited for the next vehicle to come for the next load of people so he can get taken away to a safe place.

Now you know a little about Dan and Ko, they are alike and different in many ways. Like when they were different when Dan demanded Arthur down the basement to go get his little brother and when Ko was kind when she carried Yoko across the bridge on her back.