Angela Kouros
Period 1
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Two girls, Two adventures, Two lives and Two different personalities. Esperanza is a thirteen year old girl in the book Esperanza Rising By: Pam Munoz Ryan. Ko is a sixteen year old girl in the book, So Far from the Bamboo grove, and the book, My Brother, My Sister and I, both are written by: Yoko Kawashima Watkins. Ko and Esperanza both had to leave their countries for different reasons. Esperanza’s mother was forced to marry an unpleasant man when her husband had died. Ko had to leave her village because it is under attack. Her, her Mother, and her sister had to flee the country, Honorable Brother and Father are nowhere to be found.

Ko is a leader, she doesn’t like to take any undetermined behavior from anyone. Esperanza is a follower. She is taught how to do things, she follows other peasants, that’s a big difference. Both Esperanza and Ko had to flee and run away. Because of this, their lives changed and so did their personalities. Ko ran into a burning burning building to get her mother’s ashes making her brave. Ko shows bravery all the time, Esperanza doesn’t show any at all in this book. That is another thing that is different between them.

Ko has much perseverance Esperanza tries to be a peasant but if she doesn’t get something right then she gives up. Esperanza has no perseverance especially sweeping with the broom. She did something wrong and didn’t try again because she was made fun of. Esperanza gives up easily.

They are both caring and nurturing, Ko takes care of Yoko….her little sister. She takes care of her now that mother is dead. Ko is like a second mother to Yoko. She feeds and teaches her responsibility and shows her love. Esperanza takes care of two babies. She feeds, cleans, and loves them. That is something they both have in common.

Esperanza and Ko rare different, but in a way alike. They both are caring and nurturing. Ko is a leader and Esperanza is a follower. Ko is brave and Esperanza is not brave what’s so ever. And Ko has perseverance when Esperanza doesn’t. Again, two girls, two girls, 2 adventures , 2 lives, 2 different personalities.